Investigation of the dynamics of self-ignition processes of gasoline and gasoline surrogate


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  • Minimal ignition energy (MIE)
    • The better understanding of MIE is important for improved designs with better fuel efficiency and lower emission and for preventing the flame initiation to happen for safety reasons
    • Dependent on the pressure, initial temperature, mixture composition and ignition source volume
  • Fuel-lean condition
    • Low emissions and high efficiency
    • Challenge: failures of flame initiation or flame extinction
  • Primary Reference Fuels (PRF)
    • More complex transport process
    • Lewis number changes from under unity (rich mixtures) to 3 (lean mixtures)


  • 1-dimensional geometries, detailed chemistry and detailed molecular transport
  • Premixed fuel/air mixtures
  • Fuel: PRF (iso-octane and n-heptane mixtures)
  • Ignition source
    • Starting from t = 0 in the neighborhood of the inner domain boundary(r = 0)
    • Geometry: spherical, cylinder, planar


  • Large mechanismus, the calculations of n-heptane and iso-octane take long
  • Determination of flame initiation failure, flame successfully initiated but then quenches, and flame propagation