Multi-functional conversion of chemical species and energy

Reduction of CO2 exhaust gases

Prinzip & Idee:

  • At high temperatures, CO2 and CH4 react to form synthesis gas:
    CO2 + CH4 CO + 2 H2
  • Temperature increase by adding noble gases and parallel exothermic reaction.
  • CO2 is converted into important raw materials.


  • Exhaust gas after treatment
  • Chemical industry

Challenges and research areas:

  • Feasibility study (experimental and numeric)
  • Optimization of target variables:
  • CO2 conversion
  • Synthesis gas quality (CO/H2 ratio)
  • Thermal efficiency

Pyrolysis of natural gas

Principle & Idea:

  • Natural gas is only heated by compression (T = 1500 - 1800 K)
  • No addition of oxygen Endothermic Reaction
  • Natural gas react to form more valuable species (H2, C2H2, C2H4)


  • Energy storage
  • Chemical Reactor (extraction of valuable species)
  • Use of combustible exhaust gases (ex: steel furnaces)


Challenges and research areas:

  • Experimental investigation
  • Underlying Chemistry ( ex: 2 CH4  3 H2 + C2H2 )
  • Optimal operating points
  • Maximum yields, conversions of natural gases