Research areas at the Institute for Technical Thermodynamics

Research at ITT includes many aspects of reactive flow, both in the field of applied fundamental research and for technical combustion systems.

Modeling of reactive flows for CFD applications

  • Detailed  chemical kinetics

  • Detailed  molecular diffusion

  • 1D, 2D CFD numerical procedures

  • PDF-modelling 

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Reduction of chemical mechanisms


  • Theory of model reduction - Mathematical foundations of timescale and (invariant) manifold-based methods

  • Intrinsic Low-Dimensional Manifolds (ILDM), Global Quasi- Linearization (GQL) for the investigation and reduction of homogeneous reaction systems

  • Reaction-diffusion manifolds (REDIM) for the reduction of reacting flow systems

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Experimental investigation of chemically reacting flows

  • RCM (Rapid compression Machine)

  • Turbulent Spray combustion

  • Ignition cell

Laser optical procedure