Mathematical models and methods in combustion theory


The lecture shall introduce the basics of the mathematical modeling and the analysis of reacting flow systems. The fundamental models of combustion processes are outlined together with asymptotical methods, which deliver reasonable approximate solutions for numerous combustion processes. Many examples of simplified models for the description of auto-ignition, explosions, flame quenching and detonations will be presented and discussed. The main analytical methods will be illustrated using these simple examples.

Language of instructionGerman

Combustion Theory, F A Williams, (2nd Edition), 1985, Benjamin Cummins.

Combustion - Physical and Chemical Fundamentals, Modeling and Simulation, Experiments, Pollutant Formation, J. Warnatz, U. Mass and R. W. Dibble, (3nd Edition), Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 2003.

The Mathematical Theory of Combustion and Explosions, Ya.B. Zeldovich, G.I. Barenblatt, V.B. Librovich, G.M. Makhviladze, Springer, New York and London, 1985.

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