Institut für Technische Thermodynamik (ITT)

Fundamentals of Combustion II





Bibliography :

Lecture notes;
Combustion - Physical and Chemical Fundamentals , Modelling, Pollutant Formation , Authors : U. Maas , J. Warnatz , RW Dibble , Springer- Lehrbuch ; Heidelberg , Karlsruhe, Berkley 2006

Course content:

  • Ignition processes
  • Three dimensional Navier -Stokes equations for reacting flows
  • Turbulent reactive flows
  • Turbulent non- premixed flames
  • Turbulent premixed Flames
  • Combustion of liquid and solid fuels
  • Engine knock
  • Nitrogen oxide formation
  • Formation of hydrocarbons and soot

Workload :

Presence : 35 hours
Self-study: 95 hours


After this lecture, the students are able

  • to explain the ongoing processec during ignition (self - and ignition) .
  • to describe the basic processes involved in the combustion of liquid and solid fuels.
  • to clarify the mechanisms that lead to the formation of pollutants.
  • to describe turbulent reactive flows using simple models.
  • to explain the origin of the engine knocking.
  • to sketch basic numerical methods for simulation of reactive flows.